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A story of three lazy boned, unfocussed friends, who hang around in their village in Punjab, daydreaming big things, but accomplishing nothing. Grass is always greener on the other side. As one of their childhood friends Minto returns from Canada and shows off his achievements in front of the villagers, calling these three friends “Vehle”. This hurts their egos and they feel sure in their hearts that they are superior to Minto and that they can earn more in foreign land. It is funny how they plan, collect the money and finally leave. The story takes a tragic-comic turn when they find themselves landing on a foreign land. Where is this place? How do they survive with limited funds and no friends? Do they ever learn important lessons of life and where does their destiny finally take them?
About Movie === >>> Canada Di Flight is a Punjabi-language film directed by Roopesh Rai Sikand, written by Manoj Sabharwal and starring Yuvraj Hans, Navraj Hans, Tarun Mehta, Shobhita Rana, Akriti Bharati, Aanushka Ramesh as the main cast of the film and was released worldwide on 1st April 2016
Genres === >>> Drama
Directed === >>> Roopesh Rai Sikand
Produced -=== >>> Sunil Pathare, Ajay Makkar , Deepak Choudhary , Tejas Parmar
Time === >>> 137 Minutes
Written By === >>> Roopesh Rai Sikand
Release Date === >>> 1st April 2016
Stars === >>> Yuvraj Hans , Navraj Hans , Tarun Mehta , Shobhita Rana , Akriti Bharati , Aanushka Ramesh ,Rana Ranbir , Nirmal Rishi
Country === >>> India Hindi
Language === >>> Punjabi


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