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The protagonist loses his mobile phone in a Bangalore auto rickshaw. It is in the same rickshaw that the heroine travels and picks up the mobile. During their conversation, they unknowingly develop affection for each other. They are unable to see each other, but fall in love.
The hero agrees to marry his mother’s choice and gets engaged to the same girl. The heroine tries to look for him but does not succeed and finally agrees to marry her parents’ choice.

Do they come to know that they have been looking for each other all this while? Watch to find out.

Genres ==== >>> Romance , Thriller
Director === >>> K.T.M Srivinas
Produced === >>> K.T.M Srivinas
Written === >>> K.T.M Srivinas
Staring === >>> Avinash Narasimharaju, Sri Sruthi , Suresh Mangalore , Vidya Murthy , Nagendra Sha
Release Date === >>> 17 June 2016
Run time === >>> 156 Mins
Country === >>> India
Language === >>> Malayalam

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