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San’75 Pachattar (2016) Hindi Movie Full HD Download

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San'75 Pachattar 2016 full movie torrent download

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San’75 Panchattar is a period thriller. The film’s plot revolves around a deal of the first mobile phone (prototype) in India, initiated by Prince, which arrives from Germany. This deal is of a great interest to the intelligence and security agencies such as the RAW, military and the police as they all are trying to manipulate each other to control the deal which holds the key to our future – try to hijack it by outwitting each other. Few of the pawns they use in their manipulation are two seasoned criminals who also want a cut of the pie.

Story/Writer by:- Maitrey Bajpai
Directed by:- Navneet Behal
Producer by:- Kabir Lovee
Music by:- Baabu Hubi
Cinematography:- Daniel Sanchez Lopez
Editing by:- Ritika Rai Kazmi, Abhishek Gupta, Kirtimaan
Studio / Distributor:- N/A
Language:- Hindi
Budget N/A

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